Did the Dog Eat My Homework or Did I Take a Summer Vacation?

It just happened. I didn't mean to. The truth is I have some words to publish. This summer I  did write with plans to take photos of the subjects and then I became distracted.  

How did I get distracted? There was a birthday, a yard sale, the Fourth of July with friends and family, organizing our mother's estate with my sisters, visits from out-of-town friends, dinner outings with friends, writing several chapters of the third installment of  Witch Way to Amethyst Bay, physical therapy, saw Babylon and Barbie in the theater, the overly hot 100-degree weather that rendered me useless,  flew to California where I ate and drank well and visited family... And before I knew it, POOF! Summer is behind me. 

In the meantime, I have posts to post such as the pleasures of taking the time for tea, drinking wine, a few recipes, and more. Stay tuned, and I will also fire up the podcast soon. 

Me with four generations of family. I am an auntie, great-aunt, and a great-great auntie. 

Three and 1/2 Generations

Four Generations of Girl Power


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