Dreaming of a Pink Christmas: Carpenè Maltovi Bubbly Rosé

It's pretty. It's pink. It's sparkling.

No, we're not talking about pink sparkling holiday decor like the photo below. We're talking about a pretty pink sparkler - a perfect holiday sipper. 

Carpenè Maltovi is a prestigious wine estate located in Treviso in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The estate has been a family endeavor since its creation by Antonio Carpenè, and the family has maintained its direct control since 1868.

With its pale pink tint and bright acidic notes, this sparkling wine has a bouquet rich in fruity notes of strawberry and tart pie cherries. 

Glera, also known as Prosecco named after its namesake village Prosecco, is typically a neutral grape. Along with the majority of this white variety of Italian grape is the addition of 15% Pinot Nero to give the wine that lovely pink tint and added fruity notes. 

This traditional Italian Rosato sparkler is dry and medium-bodied therefore makes it a great wine to pair with food, and also just to sit back and sip - whether summer or winter. 

For the holiday season, Carpenè Maltovi Prosecco Rosé is perfect for party foods from buttery-rich appetizers to butter-rich Christmas cookies. I first tasted it paired with linguini in a light cream sauce and topped with buttery garlicky shrimp. With each sip, it not only accented the meal but cleansed my palate making my taste buds eager to take another bite.  Salute! 


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