Wander and Ponder on Friday: Happy Spring!

If you live in Walla Walla County, you know that anything can happen when it comes to our spring weather. It could snow after you mow your lawn for an outdoor Easter gathering. It's kind of like if you want it to rain, go wash your car. So far this month we've had glimpses of a warm sun, wind, hail, snow, and some angry clouds pounding rain on my rooftop that sounded like I was under attack by buckets of marbles being dropped from the sky. 

The older I get, I've noticed memories keep popping up that I haven't thought about in years. Perhaps this is something that happens with aging. For the most part, my memories are fond, with a few bitter-sweet ones scattered here and there. 

Vintage glass candy dish with swan head handles by Fenton Glass Company. 
Vintage pink glass bunny rabbit egg/toothpick holder

Later a couple of little bunnies made themselves home in the basket of eggs. I hand-sewn the little bunnies a few years ago with teeny-tiny stitches.

My parents left me with wonderful memories of Easter, from the traditional food that came out of our kitchen such as ham, potatoes au gratin, deviled eggs, and often a cake decorated like the Easter bunny. We colored eggs, and sometimes we blew eggs out of the shells (guaranteeing us a big pan of scrambled eggs the following morning) so we could have keepsake eggs we decorated with sequins and rickrack. Sometimes Mom made us pretty little dresses for Easter Sunday and would buy us a pair of black or white patent leather shoes - and we went to church. I can remember at the age of five having my first moment under the stage lights. It was at church and we little ones in Sunday school held a flower and said about three words each. While I don't remember exactly what I said, I do remember it was something about Jesus and spring. 

Going to church was Mom's thing. It wasn't Dad's thing. Mom was raised around the church. Dad always said his church was on the river banks of the Snake and  Columbia rivers. However, Dad supported Mom in getting us to church on time as he helped iron our frilly dresses and handed Mom money for tithing as we ran out the door. While we were at church, Dad would work out in the yard, start prepping Sunday dinner, or put together a picnic so as soon as we got home, and changed our clothes we were ready for an afternoon road trip. 

Sequin and beaded egg (with silk lining inside) finds its way to the 
Glassy Baby candle holders

After I married, I continued the big Easter dinner with all the traditions, and even made our own traditions as the night before Easter we ordered pizza and sat around the table coloring eggs. Sometimes after too much wine, the egg art got a little silly. Think of the 6th-grade version of Venus de Milo or Michelangelo's David. Since I am not one to censor other people's art, before all of the Grandmas came over for Easter dinner, those "artistic" eggs were tucked at the bottom of the basket. 

Dinner was prepped the day or two before Easter, so as soon as I came home from  Sunday mass, all I had to do was pop the ham and potatoes in the oven, giving me more time to enjoy the company of family and friends. The appetizers, salads, and desserts were waiting in the fridge when I was ready to serve them. 

Another bunny found its way to the celebration along with a teddy bear perched on a crocheted egg. 

The older I get the more Celtic roots from my father's side of the family run through my veins. The ancients helped shape Easter as many moons ago (Pre-Christian) the Celts 
observed the spring equinox, by celebrating the Goddess of Fertility, Eostre (Ostara). The egg and rabbit were used to symbolize fertility and rebirth. 

When I became single many of the old traditions fizzled out, but today I still place a touch of spring around the house. To me, eggs, chicks, and bunnies are symbols of spring, Easter aside. No matter what you celebrate, it's all good if it makes you happy. 

Happy Easter, Happy Ostara, and Happy Spring! 

The first of the spring flowers from my garden.