Wander & Ponder on Friday: Hello Spring, Is That You?

It's not only Friday, it's the first of the month! Hello March! Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!

("And if you go chasing rabbits ... Go ask Alice, I think she'll know"
 - Jefferson Airplane)

This time of the year brings out the mixed emotions about our weather. I am anxious for the sun and the flowers to pop open. However, I also start feeling melancholy missing the quiet times of January and February when we're relaxing after a busy season of fall and winter holidays. Those quiet afternoons and evenings give me time to reflect and plan ahead and during the dark winter afternoons, I can nap without feeling guilty. Sure, these changes of seasons can bring a mixed bag of feelings. 

Flowers on Valentine's Day always warm the cold winter heart. 

This year I have some big garden ideas. Due to budget and health, it's been years since I've had any garden plans. This year those problems from the past have been solved. Perhaps my big ideas for my gardens are like when a kid is faced with a dessert buffet "My eyes are bigger than my stomach" or more like "My ideas and vision are bigger than my time and ability."

Then again, I just had a new kitchen faucet installed and now I need to remodel the kitchen to match the new faucet. Also, I had a new address plaque custom-made to replace the ugly house numbers from the 1990s. Once that new plaque went on the house, now I need to get the house painted to match the address plaque. Perhaps, I need to rethink my big ideas for the garden?

A reminder to the weather from poet William Wordsworth, 
"Oh hurry gather daffodils. They're scattered over all the hills. It's Spring, Spring, Spring!"



  1. I know what you mean about a new faucet leading to a kitchen remodel. I have had people repaint their living room and then the couch looks dingy. Enter new couch:)

    1. I bought a new couch just a few years ago and so far so good. No, new paint but I am now thinking about replacing the floors to better match the couch. :-)


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