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Greetings from my small corner of the world. A few years ago I retired my former blog, Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman. In 2005 it was one of the first wine blogs in the state, and I was one of the first woman wine bloggers in the Northwest. After missing the blogging platform and the ability to write in my own style without an editor overseeing my words, here I am (Formerly, the Woman in Wine Country blog's name was Passementaries)

If you're expecting to find a multitude of posts about the newest winemaker in the region or the best syrah pairing with purple parsnips studded in cloves poached in yak milk with a harissa and edamame hummus glaze, you have come to the wrong blog. If you're expecting me to give wine-tasting notes and scores... 
Just because you live or have worked in wine country doesn't mean that you are making an entrance and partying every night at the wineries.

Okay, so I use to do that...

Now what I am offering is affordable ideas with small stay-at-home journeys that can enhance your life whether you live in wine country or not. If you're interested in a few prized Julia Child recipes, and how to cheat with a few quick cooking tips, welcome home! You will notice throughout my blog not only do I enjoy cooking, but I fluff pillows, trim rose bushes, and even sip on a glass of wine or two.  

Our local wineries will always be on top of my list when it comes to bringing visitors and sometimes just a special treat for myself gathering with good friends. This time around I just want to relax and sip a glass of wine instead of asking questions and taking tasting notes. 

Join me ... 

P.S. When I am not writing on this page, sometimes you will find me writing my other projects at http://www.catiemcintyre.com/

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