By Catie McIntyre Walker
Published by Arcadia/History Press 

Dining in Walla Walla blossomed from an influx of mining transplants in the late 1800s. Within decades, a roadhouse called the Oasis boasted a seventy-two-ounce slab of beef, and the old Pastime Café opened at 5:30 a.m. with white toast and whiskey for breakfast. In the early 1950s, Ysidro Berrones opened one of the valley’s first Mexican restaurants, the El Sombrero Tortilla Factory and Café. Owner of Denney’s Hi-Spot for two decades, Joe Denney also satisfied locals with his morning crooning to a piano on KTEL. Native and local wine writer Catie McIntyre Walker celebrates this rich heritage with decades of departed, beloved establishments and the people behind them.

By Catie McIntyre Walker
Published by the History Press 

As early as the 1840s, French settlers brought their knowledge of wine to Washington’s Walla Walla Valley. The highly fertile soil and abundant water were perfect complements to their Old World winemaking traditions, halted only by Prohibition and the historically unmerciful weather conditions. A century after the first settlers arrived, the area’s wine industry re-established itself when new pioneers opened wineries in the early and mid-1900s, a trade that continues to thrive today. Discover the southeastern portion of the Washington Territory along with Lewis and Clark’s trail in a whole new light with the trailblazing vintners of the Walla Walla wine industry. Taste the history in every glass as I unearth the valley’s transformation from Wild West to a world-class wine region.


The Catherine Wright Cozy Mysteries

In Kindle e-Book Paperback

To Be Released Winter 2023

In Kindle e-book 

Witch Way to Amethyst Bay?
Book Three

It happened again. Bucolic Amethyst Bay is rocked by its fifth murder, and once again the clues point to the Bell sisters and those they are close to. In the past, the victims have died from canned tomatoes, cheese knives, and hemlock tea, and this time - - the weapon in question is pie. Death by pie? Could these murders be related to the disappearance of the sister's father, Hollis James Bell?

The First "Cozy Mystery" Series 

The three Bell sisters -- Holli Jayne, Gemini Katherine, and Poppy Lupine -- grew up in bucolic Amethyst Bay, Oregon, beside the Columbia River, under the bemused eye of their flamboyant Aunt Dorte, who has a knack (or is it a power?) for turning up at the right time in the right places. The women have become pillars of their town: business owners and social mavens, all with a touch of seeming serendipity and a lot of great food. Fortunately, they love to share recipes. 

But Amethyst Bay's tranquil surface is roiled when the girlfriend of the ill-tempered cheese shop owner turns up dead, and telltale signs point to one of the Bells. 

With the help of Dorte, handsome Sheriff Comini, and the strange, eccentric Paganel sisters, the Bells sift through the clues to find the killer. But could their hippie-entrepreneur and legendary paramour father, Hollister, be connected somehow to the murders, or is his long-ago disappearance into the grand river still Amethyst Bay's biggest mystery?

In Kindle e-Book Paperback

Bucolic Amethyst Bay is rocked again by a murder, and once again the clues point to the Bell sisters -- Gemi-Kaye, Holli, Poppy Loo, and newfound sister Victory -- as culprits. Even flamboyant Aunt Dorte, the town's flirtatious matriarch, is arrested. But Gemi-Kaye senses something's not right, yet her discovery at a remote cottage on the Oregon Coast is not the one she expected. Could the murder be connected to her long-disappeared father, or is it a case of love gone wrong?

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