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A Paris Flea Market: Where I Officially Turned into a Francophile

No. I am not a Francophile or so I claimed.  Okay, I guess I am but I didn't know I was, alas - - based on the many things I have purchased in the past whether it's a decor item, book, or even a tin of tea, it would appear I am a Francophile, and it became obvious when the plane I was a passenger on landed at the Charles de Gaule airport about six weeks ago.  Oh my. I  saw the many sites in Paris. I ate and drank well throughout the French capital. Of course, I did some shopping, but two of my favorite shopping journeys were not at any of the luxury stores that Paris is known for. One of my two favorite shopping journeys was to the mecca, the sacred temple of all bookstores, Shakespeare and Co. I was surrounded by the same walls where Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, and other famous authors graced the rooms. My other favorite shopping journey was to the  Marche aux Puces de la Porte de  Vanves - The Vanves Flea Market. Located in the 1

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